Porcupine Thinks He’s A Puppy And Dramatically Drops To Floor Demanding Belly Rub

No one can deny that puppies are a bundle of joy! Moreover, they have unmatched energy and adore playing with their human or animal companions. Not to mention that they love a good belly rub! But the creature in the video is a spiky porcupine, and not at all a baby dog. However, it thinks it is!

Stinkers is a porcupine who is the size of a human infant. Moreover, someone was keeping him as a pet before he came to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. He was called Snickers before volunteers at the center changed it because he doesn’t smell so good. Now a permanent resident there, he can’t seem to get enough attention!

stinkers petting

Wearing gloves to protect her hands from the spikes, a volunteer feeds Stinkers his favorite snack— carrots! But even after the food is gone, the spiky animal isn’t done. So, he stands on his hind legs and tries climbing her legs! Moreover, he drops in his back and demands a belly rub. Just like a puppy, Stinkers even wags his tail and spins around as he chases it. Furthermore, he holds his human’s hands as she pets him. Awww! Watch the adorable video below:

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