Twins Have Their First Conversation, and the Adorable Video’s Been Viewed Over 21 Million Times

You are fortunate if you have someone in your life that you can call your best friend! No one else in the world knows you as they do, not to mention the endless inside jokes. However, many people don’t find their go-to person till later in their lives. But some have one since the moment they are born— twins! And this pair has a bond so strong; they made up their own language to talk with each other!

Only a couple of months old, Merle and Stijn don’t have the best vocabulary. However, they still know how to convey their emotions to each other. And the adorable duo sure get chatty! I bet they’re talking about how yummy lunch was. Or what they are going to do in playtime. Whatever it may be, the twins’ first conversation has over 21 million views!

twins first conversation

The viral video starts with baby Merle in pink, babbling what seems to be a challenging question. Luckily, Stijn knows precisely what to say, which breaks the sister into a huge smile! This adorable moment even makes Daddy, who is behind the camera, laugh out loud. Furthermore, they go on with their conversation in a language that only they seem to understand. Watch the video below:

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