Adorable Kitten Tries to Drink Soda With a Straw – and It’s Too Cute to Miss

There are times when we have sat through an entire series in a matter of days or even hours. But why do we set forth on this journey to get over something we enjoy so much? The answers could vary, but one thing stays the same; curiosity always gets the best of us. Like a cliffhanger on every episode motivates us to look for the answers.

Similar to the clip featured below. It may not be the most impressive feline activities you have come in contact with. However, it could be the curious one for sure. Initially, we witness a cat ready for the sugar dose. But something is different; the kitty is not going for the conventional method of just dipping the paws to lick the soda.

The adorable being has landed a tool, a straw. She must have seen; her owners use it often. And off she goes in the quest to master the skill. Unfortunately, the video is cut short. Did she manage to use the straw at all? The question lingers in the back of our heads. In the meantime, we are fooled by how cute the cat looks during her efforts. I am just impressed by the feline persistence.

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