Goats Love To Jump And Play On The Backs Of Rescued Rhinos

One of the signs of brain development in early human beings was the use of tools. Moreover, humans emerged as the dominating species because of this fact. However, we aren’t the only ones to an item to our benefit. Elephants have been seen using tree branches to swat flies, while Orangutans use sticks as a utensil to eat ants! But these goats eat leaves that are high off the ground with something you won’t believe!

Research has proven that goats are as smart as dogs! These farm animals are capable of forming emotional relationships with other animals as well as human beings. Although they might not be as cuddly, these intelligent creatures sure know their way around things. Moreover, this tribe of goats uses Rhinos to make their life easier!

goats on rhinos

Rhinos at the Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary in Mpumalanga, South Africa are bonding with goats there! These rescue black rhinoceros love hanging out under the shade of the trees. And so, the goats have found that they are a great surface to land on. Moreover, they use the Rhinos as a ladder to reach leaves high in the tree! The horned-creatures aren’t always pleased with being a trampoline for the goats. But the goats sure get a kick out of hopping and playing on! Watch the funny video below:

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