No One, Not Even Scientists, Can Explain This Strange Light Beam in the Sky. What Is It?

There are so many natural phenomenons that we aren’t yet aware of. Humans have been around for only 200,000 years, while this planet has been here for 4.5 billion years! So no wonder we still catch nature act in bizarre manners now and then!

Well, this guy caught something behind the clouds that not even scientists have been able to explain! The man was cycling when he thought he saw some movement behind the white clouds. At first, he dismissed it as sun rays. But as he kept looking, the light beam started to move extraordinarily.

crown flash

The man was riding his bike in Greenwood, Indiana, when a storm was approaching. And with a bit of research, he may have finally found an answer to the strange moving sunbeams. It only occurs when there are thunderstorms. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, when it is hit with sunlight at a certain angle, the beams dance around. Watch this “crown flash” phenomenon below:

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