Horse Trapped in Pen Panics as Flood Water Surrounds Him, Then Cowboy Heroically Rides Up

Houston, Texas, and the areas surrounding it have been hit by the disastrous flooding brought on to them by Hurricane Harvey. Hundreds and thousands of people have been displaced, and at least 10 have been reported to be dead. But out of the heartbreaking devastation have come countless stories of hope and bravery. People have united together to face this great adversity with courage. They have put their own safety and comfort at risk to help those in danger, and the following story is a great example.

Two such inspirational heroes are father and son duo Chance and Rowdy Ward. These Texas cowboys have been setting an example to the world by showing what true heroism and bravery really look like. They have ridden around the area trying to rescue as many people, horses, and livestock as they can. One particular video that has gone viral shows Rowdy roping a restless and distressed stud colt who was trapped in his pen. As Rowdy tried to keep his own horse composed, he used all his strength to open up the gate to the pen, which had become stuck in the mud under the heavily flooded area.

“This is what we do,” Chance says in the video. “We help livestock. We try to help people.” Everyone is definitely grateful for such selfless people like Chance and Rowdy who are giving their absolute best to make sure not one person or animal is left behind in such an unprecedented flood. It’s people like them that inspire others to do the same. They surely made an impact with this amazing viral video!

This is one of the worst floods to have ever hit the area, but it is stories like these that really keep the hope alive in people’s hearts!

Check out this amazing video below:

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