Brave Woman Fights Hurricane To Scoop Injured Pelicans Stranded On Highway

Hurricane Dorian has been the talk of the town lately. Not only have the raging winds and rain caused widespread destruction among humans, but animals and birds too! The following video features stranded pelicans, likely driven off to the busy streets by the forceful hurricane.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and similarly, a PETA rescue worker ran towards the pelicans to save them from more harm. The winds were so strong that the mighty birds could not fly. Without much thought over her own safety. the female rescuer scooped the pelican in her hoodie. Another worker helps her by getting the cage ready.

The second time though, the pelican decided to be stubborn. Fearing the woman, it tries to fly away only to be slammed by the violent storm. After a moment or two, the rescuer manages to overpower the pelican. PETA says that after treating the pelicans, they will be released safely into the wild.

WATCH the rare sight as the huge birds seem frail against Hurricane Dorian.

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