We can unanimously agree that meetings are dreaded by all. A monotonous speaker or a boring topic of discussion makes everyone in a meeting doze off in seconds. However, sometimes it does not take a good orator or an interesting topic to keep everyone wide awake. All it takes is a ‘blow’ or two to release the stress!

In the following video of a town hall meeting, a loud fart and the subsequent fit of laughter interrupts a woman’s speech in a town hall meeting. One of the men in the meeting remarks, “That’s a first!” while the woman chooses to ignore the distraction and continues with her speech. As she starts again and requests for the amused audience’s attention, another booming fart makes her facepalm. The lady eventually gives up and shifts the microphone away.

Watch the video below to witness how a simple bodily function becomes the ‘butt’ of all jokes (pun intended)!

Put yourself in the speaker’s shoes and COMMENT below how would you react in such a case.

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