Couple’s Not Allowed in Their Own Home Because Squatter Is Taking Advantage of a Legal Loophole

Just imagine you put all your life savings into buying your dream house. But once the process is over, you are locked out of your own property. Even though this plot looks straight out of a nightmare. The couple featuring in the video below and living this horrific reality.

Once the pandemic surge began, a policy was placed in motion. It was created to save the vulnerable and poor from going homeless. However, a homeowner in California is exploiting this policy to his advantage. Tracie and Myles Albert purchased a four-bedroom house in Riverside, California. On January 31, 2020, they were to unlock the doors to their future home. Instead, they end up prying to make an entrance to their new home.

Real estate agent Chris Taylor sold the house to the couple. The owner was eager to get his hands off the home and wished for a cash buyer. He required $560,000 in 2 weeks from the sale. Given the upscale price, the couple believed it was a good deal. Hence, they scrambled all their savings to pay for the house. Once the owner cashed his cheque, he closed the doors and locked him inside the home.

A year later and the issue is still not resolved. What do you think about the situation?

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