98-year-old Man Spends All Day in the Kitchen After Losing His Wife of 72 Years

There are a handful of hobbies that comes in handy while making new friends. Take cooking or baking, for instance. Excelling in these areas means a home filled with a fantastic smell.  As a result, it’s bound to attract people who appreciate the meal. Even the food is delicious. Some will follow up for seconds, at least.

Leo Kellner, in his late nineties, is making new friends thanks to his big heart. A few years back, he lost his wife Madelon, with whom he was married for a total of 72 years. Once she was gone, Leo was left alone in the house. The couple lived together for six decades. Hence to fill the void of the never-ending loneliness, he took baking.


Born during extreme times, Leo was no stranger to cooking with limited ingredients. From Hastings, Nebraska, USA, Leo decided to make the most of his time. Now the love of his life was gone, constantly fighting back to dementia for years. Everyone has a way of handling grief, and for Leo, it was baking cakes and pie. In the early years, he baked a total of 144 pies all by himself. However, it is not a business venture for the retired man. He bakes all the sugary treats for free to those who cannot afford them.

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