This couple delivers the most smooth and effortless ice skating Dance – Audience in Awe by their glow

In the later part of the twentieth century, Michael Jackson vastly impacted pop culture. Whether you like his music or not, you can’t deny the talent and creativity the pop king possessed. His songs are still around after generations and have heavily inspired many artists.

Usually, these artists are in the music business, either singing or composing but sometimes, they may carry a different set of skills. Much like these outstanding figure skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres. Their routine is not only eye-catching but equally daring with a unique blend of lifts. In “All That Skate 2019,” the dynamic duo begins with the “Beat it” routine, and move on to “Black or White.”

couple delivers ice skating

Of course, they have included a handful of Micheal Jackson’s classic moves. However, they have not stranded the other iconic dance steps like Beyonce’s ring on it. The couple may look like your ordinary figure skaters dressed to impress. But they prove their dedication, passion, and excellent chemistry with risky pick-up and not to forget the throw in the air. The routine has intense steps that will keep you glued on the edge of the seat.

Please press play and enjoy this daring performance.

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