Man Builds Enchanting Village for Mouse He Found in His Garden – Take a Peak Inside

Imagine seeing a squirrel in your backyard or garden. You will be delighted to see the tiny nut lover, although they can create havoc in the yard. Now replace the squirrel with a mouse; chances are you won’t be very pleased to see them.   

Even though both belong to the same rodent family, people usually associate mice with diseases and plague during the optimal breeding season. Many will probably call the local pest control to get rid of them entirely. Well, it turns out, not everyone is in such a hurry to get rid of the pinkies. One man in the UK had an out of box solution for his backyard mouse appearance.   


Instead of using sprays or getting in reach with pest control, he decided to build them a house. A wildlife photographer Simon Dell decided to create an enchanting village for the mice family. The DIY project immensely reflects his talents as a photographer. The tiny houses have attention to detail. In other words, it a magical world of Narnia (Mouse version). During festive seasons Simon even adds lights and sets a platter of delicious treats. Mildred, Georgy, and baby Mini have their mouse mansion and even entertain guests time and again. The houses have tunnels, ladders, and above all, safety from the next-door feline.   

Please press play and enjoy this amazing creation.   

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