The Easiest Way to Remove the Silk and Husk From Corn, and Only Takes Seconds

There still some time left before fall comes and the leaves start changing color. It’s the tail end of summer, so everyone should make the most of it. Summer activities like camping, swimming and hitting the beach are just some of them. There is nothing like a good barbeque in the summer, and no barbeque is complete without some corn. It can get a little annoying to husk it sometimes, but this video shows a simple hack to show how it’s done.

Occasionally, it can feel like husking and preparing corn takes twice the amount of time as it does eating it, but not with this hack. America’s Test Kitchen took a good step back to figure out what would make this boring process a lot faster and easier, they discovered something amazing. First, the chef chops off the end of the corn husk above one inch from the last row of kernels. Then he pops it into the microwave for two to four minutes, and that’s it!

This simple move allows the steam to work its magic in between the corn and the husk so that when the chef slides the corn out, it is completely clean and ready for cooking. It’s amazing to see that this messy and annoying task has been decreased to two simple steps. This brilliant method only takes a couple of minutes, yet almost all of the work is completed by the microwave.

If you’re planning out next cookout, do remember this easy hack to achieve perfect corn with little to no effort at all!

Check out this amazing tip below:

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