Wrongfully Convicted Man Cries His Heart Out While Listening to Jury’s Verdict

Man on the video, Daniel Villegas was sentenced in 1993. At the age of 16, a detective investigating the murder of two teens accuses and forced him to confront the accusation. Even though Daniel denied the confession 2 hours later, the damage was already done.

Many believe he was blamed for the false confession of the murder. He reports he was abused by the detective to falsely confess his murder. He lived half of his life in jail and hoped to live freely with his family after the third trial. The judges also announced his DNA proved negative, and he was not accountable for the shooting.

The judge proclaims he was innocent and was freed from the wrongful case. It was a gut-wrenching moment for him and his family but they didn’t lose hope. The whole courtroom was in a heavy heart as they were listening to their third trail. After proved innocent, the entire courtroom went wild and full of tears. It was a big moment for Daniel Villas and his family. Watch this video down below:

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