Construction Workers Severely Harassed This Woman, Then She Has The Perfect Response

It’s a sad fact but almost every woman has been a victim of sexual harassment. It’s not that men aren’t sexually harassed, but the number of women that are harassed every day is alarming. Nowhere is safe—even walking down the street can be annoying, as women get so many unwanted remarks and sexual comments. Some even get groped and even raped in certain cases, and it is truly heartbreaking.

This video shows a little social experiment to see just how hard women are harassed even in an everyday situation. The lady was just walking down the street, minding her own business. Suddenly, from a construction site, she could hear all sorts of comments being hurled at her. She had not provoked such a reaction from them in any way—all she was doing was walking down the road! So she decided to take revenge as well.

One of her male friends volunteered to do something surprising for her. He agreed to be dressed up as a woman. He walked down the same street as his female friend. And not surprisingly, he was harassed as well, since they thought he was a woman too. He proceeded to walk right up to the construction site, then pulled off a move that left the construction workers running all around!

Well, that’s one way to shake things up! The construction workers must have learnt a lesson they’d never forget!

Check out this unbelievable video below:

[ytvid id= “S24gJmjqIqY”]

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