Road Rage Driver Face Plants After Chasing a Bicyclist On Foot

Tailgating, weaving, and speeding are examples of aggressive driving. It happens frequently: Over the course of a year, up to 80% of drivers experience significant anger or aggression while driving.

The consequences can be extremely negative: A study found that aggressive driving was involved in 56% of fatal crashes over a five-year period. That’s why we need to be careful and try to calm ourselves if we ever found us in similar situations.

When someone is acting violently due to road rage, shouting or scolding back may not be the right way to go. Cause the aftermath is seriously not worth it. In some cases, you can also end up behind the bars.

Take this man for example. When a cyclist gets overtaken abruptly by a dad in a car, he decides to confront the driver. “too close mate, waaaay too f***ing close.” Instead of apologizing, the man in the car vents out his anger, stop the car multiple times, and verbally abuses the cyclist. When he attempted to reason with the driver, the man who stuck his head out of the window shouted at him: ‘Mate, how big is that bicycle?’

And oh boy, did he pay for his harassment… He had it coming. Make sure to check out the video all the way to the end to see how karma caught up with him. And please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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