Dying woman holds 19 yr old service dog close to her, dog’s next move brought tears to everyone

Dogs are incredible animals. They are intelligent, friendly, and loyal to a fault. They have been given the nickname, man’s best friend. And many instances have proved them to be worthy of that title. Dogs are not only faithful to their friends, but they are also very affectionate and loving to those in need of their help. Humans have used them for lots of different things – from entertainment, to even complex tasks like drug/ bomb detection and therapy.

These considerate creatures have helped the human race move forward. This video below features a wonderful dog called Baxter. Before his death, this pooch used to bring joy to people admitted in hospitals. Baxter was the oldest service dog that ever lived; he lived up to be 19 and a half years old. During his life, he contributed his time mostly to hospital and therapy. He would spend time with patients without ever complaining.

Sadly, Baxter was unable to walk properly during the later years of his life. His owners had to put him in a wagon and pull him from one place to another. But even then, he didn’t stop spreading happiness. He would often stay by a patient’s side to comfort them. Baxter died on October 2009, but his beautiful spirit lives on.

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