Owners Tested To See If Their Dogs Would Defend Them From A Masked Intruder

If an intruder breaks into your home and attacks you, what would your dog do? Will they tuck their tail in and flee? Or would they ferociously defend you, scaring the intruder away? All of us would love to assume that they would save us from the attackers. But in a recent home burglary, a robber broke into a home with two dogs. Typically, the dogs should have teamed up and scared the robber away. However, the canines fled out of the door, leaving owners robbed and shocked.

In this hilarious video, owners put their furry friends to test whether they would save them from attackers. “Inside Edition” teams up with K9-1 Specialized Dog Training to create a controlled robbery scenario. A masked man would forcibly make his way into the house (obviously with the owner’s permission) and act as if he was attacking them. The owner would yell, scream, and even call their dog’s name to make it more convincing. Will the dogs fight, or flight?

The first owner had a labrador, but he failed miserably when he tucked his tail in and made his way to the door. The second owner had a pitbull-labrador mix, who they thought would get involved and be aggressive. Typical pitbull stereotype, ugh. But she was not so brave either; she runs away!

The last owner has two small dogs, Frodo and Toby. More so, Toby is a chihuahua. When the attacker comes in, Frodo surprisingly gets involved. He displays a guard dog technique called ‘splitting,’ where he defuses the situation by getting in between attacker and owner. The specialist says, “Once they realized something was wrong, they really both stepped up.”

Well, who knew the smallest dogs of the bunch would be the one to step up and defend their humans?

WATCH this hilarious video below!

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