Woman Had Her Baby 2 Weeks Early so Her Dying Husband Could Hold His Child

Here’s a heartbreaking video about the tough choices some people have to make when they are faced with nothing but bad alternatives.

Diane Aulger of The Colony, Texas, was eight months pregnant when her husband Mark’s health began to worsen dramatically in January. Mark, 52, was diagnosed with colon cancer in April and underwent surgery; however, the six months of preventative chemotherapy he received severely damaged lungs, and he began having breathing problems in November.

Diane made news with her controversial choice to induce early delivery so that her ailing husband could touch his newborn baby before he went away.

Just days before his death, The Doctors shares a video of Mark’s bittersweet first and final interactions with Savannah. Mark Aulger “cried and looked extremely sorrowful” as baby Savannah was placed in his arms, Diane claimed. He died five days later as a result of cancer-related complications.

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