Cockatoo Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Sees His Dad Coming Home From Work

Although more people have started to appreciate winged creatures, people who keep them as pets are still quite rare. One reason for that is that people don’t think that birds can’t show as much affection as dogs and cats can. However, this Cockatoo is a Daddy’s little boy, and he isn’t afraid to express his love!

Onni is a one-year-old umbrella cockatoo. He loves eating, playing. Moreover, he adores his Dad! Every single day, the white Cockatoo waits by the window for his human father to come home from work. As the owner approaches the house, Onni gets more and more excited and even screams because he can’t wait!

cockatoo complains to dad

As soon as Dad enters the room, he runs up to his shoulder to get a kiss. Although the bond between the two is adorable, it’s what he says about Mommy that takes the cake. Dad asks Onni what Mommy did, and oh boy, does he have a lot to say! He lets out a hilarious rant on all the things that happened today. Furthermore, Mom even reminds Onni to not tell on her! Watch the funny things he says about Mommy below:

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