20 Unique Christmas Trees Devised by Creative Pet Owners

Christmas is almost here, with the festival season approaching so close. Most of us have already decorated our Christmas tree. However, with pets around, it’s impossible to have it untouched. Hence, here are some hilarious tree hacks from pet owners.

  1. Bodyguards
    The pets are sure to stay away from this bad guy. And you won’t need to spend much, your trusty vacuums will come in handy.
  2. Genius owners
    The couples have stopped trying at all. Instead of getting a tree, they got trash. The feline sure doesn’t look happy at all.
  3. Hanging tree
    Well, some cats or maybe even crafty dogs will just leap from the nearby bookshelf and ruin it anyway. Nevertheless, kudos to the family for trying.
  4. A call to North pole.
    It could be for protection but I am digging this design. However, if the owners forget to latch the door, it will be a nightmare.
  5. Oh! they are still not giving up. They have caged the tree inside, however, we can see the feline still roaming around just to destroy it.
  6. Not a fan of the costume.
    Every time the feline tries to grab the tree, the owners add a costume. Moreover, he clearly hates it more than water.
  7. A barrier
    The tree looks impressive and really beautiful. If only they had done some decoration on the barriers it would have looked more festive.
  8. Try Again.Clearly, he crossed the smaller one, just look at the size of the barrier. The dog looks really sad though
  9. Forever tree.
    The cats will just bounce off. I mean why bother, right? They can shove this in the loft and use it over and over again.
  10. Small pets solutionThis looks really thoughtful and doesn’t mesh with the design either. It wouldn’t work for big pups but for small ones it’s alright.
  11. Cactus tree
    The owners are clearly fed up with the traditional look it’s time to get a little more creative with the defense mechanism.
  12. Vacuum tree
    Most trees make a mess, however, this one will clean your home.
  13. Dinning tree.
    The owners don’t need the dining chair, they will eat standing up to protect the tree.
  14. Ohh! that looks risky.
    I don’t think the owners thought this through. The pets will enjoy destroying the tiny, in the process, they will wreck the other items too.
  15. Christmas Fridge.
    Apparently, the cats can’t get up there. Let’s hope, they don’t by the end of Christmas.
  16. Foolproof tree.This will stop the most determined pets. Needless to say, Christmas is jailed in this house.
  17. The invisible tree.The pup was really excited when he saw them decorate. However, by the time they were finished, he looks so not thrilled with the joke.
  18. Out of reach.
    So far this guy has not been able to get so far high. Nevertheless, if he stretches enough he will get the small hangings.
  19. Sad Kitty
    Even the cat looks unhappy, with the decoration. That is one depressing tree.
  20. Out of sight.
    The shines are tempting but a little out of the reach for the small paws.

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