Brave Soldier Walks Into No Man’s Land on Christmas Day. His Next Move Sends Chills Down Everyone’s Spine

The First world war no doubt left the countries devasted and injured with so many fallen soldiers. However, even during such horrid times, Christmas showed it’s miraculous power after all.

Most people know this story by heart, as it was a true celebration of the Lord’s birth. During 1914, English and German armies were at war with each other. As it was Christmas, both sides begin singing melodious Christmas carol.

When the armies heard the opposite side doing similar, they made a discovery. That they were not so different shivering on the cold winter defending their country. So the soldiers joined in the battlefield to shake hands and exchange gifts.

Not just that, they even joined for a game of football. Just imagining the peaceful scenario is a wondrous joy in itself. Nevertheless, once the guns started blasting somewhere close, they had to return to defend their country. Everyone walked away from their newfound friendship to war zone enemies. The clips show a rendition of the Christmas truce. A tale that has been told over and over again. It is the holy grail of peace.

It is one of the classic examples; miracles are a part of our life. You just need to have faith in the dear Lord. Please share your wonderous Christmas experience in the feed.

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