In Jacksonville, a group of people leaves a $1,000 tip for an unwitting waitress.

The responsibility of waiters and waitresses is to welcome and serve guests, deliver extensive menu information, multitask numerous front-of-house jobs, and collect bills. It sure is difficult work and you’re virtually always on your toes, and you have to be quick to deal with mountains of demands at peak hours.

The majority of service employees rely on generous guests and customers for gratuities. And during the holiday season, several clients exemplified this kind of kindness. This article also shares the story of a similar act when a group of clients stopped into a Cracker Barrel in Jacksonville, Florida, where they were greeted by an unassuming waitress who became their host for the evening.

They are merely strangers who have come together to spread the Christmas cheer. 
They haven’t even met before. As a matter of fact, they met through a Facebook post for volunteers for a random act of kindness and they chose this waitress to brighten her day.
Watch as these strangers randomly tipped this waitress a whole sum of $1000 in the spirit of Christmas. Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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