This Adorable Toddler Fitness Regime Will Sure Motivate You to Burn Those Extra Calories!

Children begin to imitate many things they see in others between the ages of 19 and 24 months. They copy their parents, elder siblings, even celebrities they see on television. This is how they hone their social skills.

In this video, you’ll watch an adorable little girl who is showing off some of the fitness moves she learned from her parents. Watching her pulling off these reps really motivates us to get up and do some!

This baby daughter firsts cling to a desk and does some pull-ups. Afterward, she shows her mother doing squats. Not only that but, she can also do some hilarious push-ups. Nevertheless, she has all the energy of this world.

Watch this amusing video of this toddler filmed by her mother and share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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