No Doctor Could Fix This Teen’s Back Problem, Until He Met This Miraculous Chiropractor

Muntathar Altaii went through excruciating back problems for three hard months. The poor guy is just a teenager, but his condition was exceedingly severe despite his age; he couldn’t walk straight, his back was in knots, and his leg went numb due to spinal kyphosis that he developed after pulling out the roots of a tree. He was turned away by many doctors because they were afraid of touching him.

Muntathar was at a point in his life where he didn’t want to live anymore. But after doing extensive research, he came across a chiropractic doctor in Australia. He travelled all the way from US to Australia and received treatments from Dr. Ian. Now after 10 committed treatments, he is one a road to recovery. Muntathar plans on becoming chiropractic doctor himself so that he can help other people suffering from the same problems he endured.

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