Police with K-9 Bring Down Suspect Who Used His Own Child as Human Shield

We’re used to seeing video where parents will make almost any sacrifice for their children. Here’s one that’s the opposite–a dad risking his infant’s death just to save dad’s life. Thank heavens it ended with the kid unharmed and dad in handcuffs.

This clip is heart-stopping. During a Palm Coast, Florida, domestic dispute, a father grabs his one-year-old son and takes off. The wife called the police, who chased the dad to a McDonald’s parking lot, where the unthinkable happens.

Standing next to the drive-thru window, the dad picks up his own child and uses him as a human shield to prevent being apprehended by the police. Body-cam footage shows the police repeatedly screaming, “Put the baby down!” But the man continues to hold the child up against his chest as a shield, forcing police to take an unconventional approach.

The police then approached with a canine unit. Luckily, all turned out okay: police apprehended this terrible father without hurting the child and returned the kid to safety. It’s shocking what this man was willing to sacrifice just to save himself–we’re so glad the police knew how to handle the situation!

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