Armed Man Tries to Rob Restaurant – Two Cops on ‘Date Night’ Change His Plans

There are all kinds of luck: good luck, bad luck and everything in between. And it certainly seems like some people mostly have only one type of luck–they’re either on a winning streak or continually living under some sort of dark cloud. But we certainly won’t sympathize with the latter if that person is an armed robber looking to terrorize someone into giving them money or property.

So in the video below, when it came to this idiot robber, his luck just wasn’t with him for all the right reasons of course. This robber tried his best to steal from a restaurant but things just conspired against him–and we are definitely not complaining.

When the masked man pulls the gun and demands money from the cashier, little did he know that two cops were there for a date night. When the cops realized what was happening, they took immediate action.

The robber will definitely live to regret his decision on the restaurant for the rest of his life. This is what should happen to a culprit anyways. Watch the full video below!

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