This man has a life changing tip for getting rid of ants – And you won’t need any chemicals!

Everyone is sick of ants in their yards. In fact, anyone who wants to get rid of them relies on harmful chemicals which leads to even more danger.

Thankfully, Dominic of 3BricksHigher has a life-changing and simple trick for that. According to him, even a child can get rid of ants easily with his trick. This chemical-free technique only requires a black plastic bag and some bricks and you’re good!

As ants breed more in warmer areas of yards, it is important to find their sanctuary. Then, you need to cut the grass in that area and lay a plastic bag over it. You must make sure that the plastic is covered properly with no escape from the bricks.

The heat can double up inside the plastic bag and kill the larvae and the ants in no time. This chemical-free method is just as easy on your pocket as it is safe for your yard. Watch this informational video below!

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