Cheerleader Knocks on Special Needs Classroom – You’ll Never Guess Why

We’re used to stories about cheerleaders treating other people badly and there’s more than one popular movie (a la Mean Girls) depicting them as arrogant, spoiled little princesses. Well here’s a story that might change a few minds.

In this short clip, posted by YouTuber Dylan Anderson, the cheerleader knocks on the door of a classroom for special needs students and asks for one of them by name, “Jonathan.” The young man has autism and is not sure what to expect, but responds when called to the door. The cheerleader holds a box with special cookies that have a question written on them.

Jonathan reads the question and is immediately so excited that he can’t contain himself–he dances around for the entire classroom. “I didn’t expect a reaction like that,” the cheerleader said, “and this will be the greatest memory for me of high school.”

WATCH the video below to see what she asked and how Jonathan reacts–it will make your day.

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