High School Prom Couples Leave Audience Speechless With Enchanting Performance

Every country has its own version celebrating Prom. Some have a wonderful theme to amaze the students, while others turn it up a notch on the dance floor. In Kecskeméti Református Gimnázium, every year, the leaving seniors have to perform a routine.

This year was no different; eight nervous couples joined on the dancefloor to showcase an outstanding dance performance. The girls all dressed in various shades of the pink ball gown, an uncanny resemblance to Disney Princess. On the other side, the boys look equally dashing in their formal suits and polished shoes. The room filled with teachers, students, and even parents waited impatiently for the act.


The music began playing on the speaker. It’s none other than the renowned singer “Weekend” and the song “Earned It.” With that, the dancers began twirling and spinning around seamlessly until they reached their mark. Much like the music, the dance was equally captivating and romantic. The students did a great job combining Waltz with the kicks and tricks. They transitioned from one step to another effortlessly.

Please press play and enjoy the magical performance.

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