Girl Surprises Parents with Song She Wrote About Them – So Sweet You’ll Cry

It’s pretty impressive to parents when their child does something professionally creative. It’s even more impressive when it’s a thank you note–to them. And here’s one such note that will probably make you cry, even if you’re not a parent.

This girl is Jax, an Instagram influencer and part-time songwriter. She recently wrote this song specifically for her parents and if it’s any indication of her talent, she’ll probably get signed to a contract soon. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she has nearly 900,000 social media followers–it’s a built-in fan base.

But social media aside, this is a tremendous song she’s posted. It’s obviously full of some inside family jokes but they still work because we can figure out the meaning just from the context. And as it becomes clear in the end she’s asking for a husband just like her dad so she can end up in a life just like her parents, Mom isn’t the only one who’ll be crying!

She has a great future ahead of her and we feel good just watching this. Watch the video short below!

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