He Turned Two Broken Chairs and Old Fabric into a ‘Sofa Aquarium’

There are people who always tend to make a great discovery while messing with wasteful things. These people are almost always the most creative people ever.

A man found two old broken plastic chairs and his mind started creating ideas to make use out of them. He didn’t let the plastic chairs go to waste as most of us would. Instead, he combined the chairs with the help of cement and some old fabric.

He combined the chairs into a makeshift “sofa aquarium but cutting off one set of arms and draping both in mortar-covered fabric. Then he added some bricks and more mortar to create the full structure.

After that, he put glass and bright paints on the cemented chair. In the end, he put some fish and decoratives along with water inside his work. The final look is almost unbelievable.

We must all admit that his man’s mind works like a miracle. Watch the full video below!

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