Human creativity can actually be a blessing when utilized as it should be. This is possibly one of the best creations you will ever see.

This man really knew what he had to do when he wanted to make a pool. So, he made a 317,000 pool out of empty pool space. This man is a living genius. Never let just anything go to waste. Ever! Always make sure you make the best of things when you know it is possible and feasible. This man really makes me a bit jealous when I think of how big of a water baby I myself am!

The pool comes with surrounding sand and all of the appropriate summer toys as well. He has also decorated the space with an outside table and chair. Length: 90 feet, width: 70 feet, and depth: 14 feet. As soon as winter comes, the water might get frozen and even be used as an ice skating area.

Isn’t this impressive? Watch the full video below!

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