Woman Says ‘It’s Only Taken Me 40 Years’ After Figuring Out How to Properly Close Cereal Box

We all love breakfast cereals. In fact, most of us cannot even start our day without a nice meal of cereal and milk. Sadly, we often have to face the problems of our cereals softening because of air leakage.

However, this woman has the best tips to save yourself from soft cereals. With this sealing hack, your cereal won’t lose its crunch. What’s even more amazing is that this hack does not require any extra types of equipment and you can easily seal your box after you open a new one. Becky Holden took over 40 years to come up with this hack.

At first, you will have to scrunch the sides of the box. Then, you will have to fold the long ends of the box. At last, you can seal it airtight. This hack is very new to the internet and people are loving the idea and how it works. It is pocket-friendly and your cereal will remain crunchy and fresh for ages.

You should definitely check this hack out!

Watch the full video below!

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