Woman Found an Abandoned Broken Egg. Wait Till You See What Happens 1 Yr Later!

There are lots of animals in the world in need of our help. Some of them get the required aid, however, some of them are not so fortunate. The adorable little bird in the video below was one of the few lucky ones. Susan Hickman was out of her home on the 16th of June, 2014, when she spotted a bird egg lying cracked on the ground. To her surprise, there was a live baby inside it. She saw a hatchling emerging from the broken egg.

Since she couldn’t see any nest around the area, she decided to get involved. She took charge and transported the baby bird to the safety of her home. Susan named the little guy Klinger and tried her best to give him a chance at survival. The following clip features Klinger’s story – from the day he was born, to his one year birthday. You are going to be touched when you see this beautiful journey from the brink of death to a life full of happiness.

Experts had warned Susan that Klinger would not survive, but she did not give up. And neither did he. Similar to other newborns, he had his needs. Susan made sure that all of them were fulfilled. Klinger grew stronger day by day. He learned to fly, he learned to feed himself, and he even learned how to take baths! His progress is amazing! Check out Klinger’s amazing journey below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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