Kitten Has Adorable Reaction When He Sees Snow For The First Time

Cats are usually considered unaffectionate and mean. Black cats are often taken as a symbol of bad luck. So, most people don’t gel well with cats. A lot of them prefer dogs over cats. But, to tell you the truth, cats are very affectionate. They might not be very good at showing it, but they love long for affection themselves.

They’re also very good at expressing when something surprises them. And tiniest of things can startle cats. The adorable kitten in the video, Zoofi, is mesmerized with the sight of snow. And for someone seeing the snow for the first time, his expressions fit just right.

cat reacts to snowfall

Zoofi lives in Scotland, and he is just four months old. The naughty little kitten loves being mischievous and runs around the house all the time. But seeing the snow out of the window for the first time was very special for him. He can’t stop watching it fall off the sky outside while he tries catching it from the inside.

WATCH the kitten’s adorable reaction below.

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