Cat Can’t Jump Out of the Pit, But Watch When They Lower a Ladder

Here’s a short clip of a cat, stuck in a pit and trying to jump out, with someone filming it. You keep wondering, why don’t they help it? But when they do, the cat has other plans.

A young couple comes upon a cat stuck in a pit with concrete block walls and films several attempts of the cat trying to jump out. While the cat’s jumps are impressive, the pit is easily at least 8 ft (244 cm) deep and it simply can’t make it over the top of the wall.

After multiple attempts, one of the onlookers decides to lower a metal ladder down into the pit to give the cat at least a chance of getting out. But after surveying the wall a little more, estimating exactly what he needs to do, the cat makes an incredible leap and reaches the top of the wall, then scampers over without using the ladder at all!

This is a great clip showing the cat’s determination. Watch the full video below!

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