Cat Instantly Adopts New Puppy – And Starts a Grooming Ritual That Lasts

We often hear about (and even witness) the well-known enmity between cats and dogs. It’s been memorialized in everything from cartoons to books to movies. But here’s a video that proves it’s not always the case.

In this video, the owner brings Albi the puppy home for the very first time. Big brother Teddy the cat shows no hesitation at all: “He just went straight up to him and just started checking him out, sniffing him.” They were obsessed with each other.

One of the most unusual things about the relationship is that Teddy grooms Albi. “I never imagined a cat would come up and groom a puppy, especially a male cat,” said the owner.

These two bundles of energy spend the day playing and having a great time. According to the owner, they’ve become “best mate brothers.” Watching this video is truly heartwarming.

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