16-Yr Old Explains Why She Made A TikTok Video In An Aftermath Of A Major Car Crash

What is the first thing you would do if you were in a car crash? Your first instinct would be to check whether you are hurt or not. Or there was someone else in the car, you would check on them. I would then call the cops and try to get out of the vehicle. However, these two teens made a TikTok video instead.

TikTok is a popular social media app where you can film short videos to share with your followers. Two 16-year-olds from Pennsylvania shot the video after they got into a major road accident that flipped their car. You can see that the vehicle is wrecked with the windshields all cracked up.

tiktok car crash

In an interview, Katie Cornetti, who is a cheerleader in her high school, told Inside Edition that they already knew that police were on the way. Instead of sitting there, “freaking out” about what just happened, the highschooler whipped her phone up and made a TikTok. Additionally, she said that humor and laughter are how they cope with things. Despite the intense backlash online, the teens don’t regret making the video. To conclude, Kate said that they entertained themselves to take their minds of what just happened. Watch the whole story below:

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