Unconscious Woman’s Car Drifts Into Traffic – These Strangers Band Together to Help

I love posting articles about good Samaritans–people who help someone in need without expecting anything in return. This video is the perfect example of a group of people who don’t know each other banding together to avert what could have been a deadly tragedy.

This particular story went viral because it shows the possible dangers of driving with medications on an empty stomach. People must always be able to learn what is good for them and what is not no matter how much rush they are in. If some good Samaritans were not on the spot, things would’ve gone bad for these people.

Two women who got out of their work together. However, one of them noticed the other’s vehicle drifting towards the traffic. She and many people around went to stop the vehicle. Some of them even broke the glass window open to see what was going on inside the car. The 63-year-old woman had a bad medication reaction and woke up a day later at the hospital.

We are glad she was safe. Watch the full video below!

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