Receptionist Interrupts Ellen on Her Show, Tells Her There’s a Cancer Survivor in the Audience

Life is never easy. Either you are rich or poor, ups and downs are a normal part of being alive. But there are times when life kicks you in the ground and demands the motivation to wake up without giving one. These are the moments. You realize your strength, the fight that’s left inside you.

One of the hefty downs in life comes from deteriorating health conditions. Nothing is crucial than maintaining our overall body functions. Having a chronic illness really emphasizes the power of a fit body.  Beck’s mother, Kim, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March of 2014. Five months later, awful news knocked on Becky’s door. She got diagnosed with breast cancer. The news came crashing down on their life.

Thankfully, having each other meant a lot. Beck and Kim became each other’s support system through the overall process. During the chemotherapy, one another thing helped the two take their mind off the deadly illness and the pain of the heavy medication. It was none other than “Ellen DeGeneres”. So, once the family rang the cancer-free bell, Beck decided to reach out to Ellen.

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