Adorable Baby Elephant Sneezes and Scares Himself – It Made My Day

When you are a baby, everything is a new experience! Babies are a blank slate, which means that they have no idea how the world works. And sometimes, this means they don’t understand standard bodily functions. Like this adorable baby elephant who scares himself by his own sneeze!

Elephants have long trunks that are handy for many reasons. Besides using it to smell and make sounds, it’s an excellent snorkel while swimming! Additionally, it’s like a hand that they can grab food and other stuff with. But like any nose, a trunk’s primary function is to breathe. And it is so long; I can’t imagine what a sneeze must feel like! Luckily, these tourists caught it on camera.

elephant sneeze

In the video, a group of tourists comes upon a big Mama elephant. Moreover, she has two kids following her around. And one of them is a cute baby. Naturally curious, the calf is looking towards the people, probably wondering what they are doing. But suddenly, it lets out a gigantic sneeze. And the poor baby elephant scurries to his Mom scared of what just happened!

Watch the hilarious video below:

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