He Looks Too Young to Tell Jokes About Wine – But the Audience Was in Stitches

Part of a comedy act is delivering both the expected and the unexpected. This young comedian on America’s Got Talent gave us both and the results had both the judges and audience rolling.

Cam Bertrand is a 27-year-old comedian from Tampa, Florida, but he looks younger than his age. And that’s the basis of his act, which could be starts out something like, “A baby-faced young man walks into a liquor store….” From there he nails some hilarious lines, some of which have the ring of truth.

“I wasn’t mad that she thought I looked underaged, I get it, I look 17 at best,” Cam said. “But I was upset that she thought an underaged person would be buying wine! Right?” And from there it gets very, very funny! I especially love the joke about wine and bourbon.

I think this one is going to make you smile. Watch the full video below and let us know in the Facebook comments if you like Cam’s humor!

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