It Looked Like a Normal Golden Statue but Watch When They Give Him a Coin

The streets around the world contain art in different forms. It could easily be a temple depicting thousands of prayers and hopes. The martyriums could share many heroic war stories. Hence, art reveals the history that ages with the creation.

Individuals will always judge an artist depending on his/her work. And creations know no boundary. Therefore, giving rise to the art of “living sculptures” or “living statues.” However, the originality is quite not clear to this day. It is believed to be around for hundreds of years and beginning from Europe.

In simples words, you paint yourself in paint and makeup to resemble a sculpture. Your lashes, eyes, hair, etc., nothing should move. Even your breath needs to vanish beyond the reach of the audience’s eyes. It is one of the famous street performances in prominent cities like Las Vegas, Disney, New Orleans, and many others.

The art of imitation is an exciting concept but very hard to pull off. One needs to be able to disguise the finer details of life. Furthermore, the location and the choice of statues need to resonate with travelers. Cause you only get split seconds of their attention. The clip featured below could be one of the best imitation artworks. His moves, smiles, and expressions are spot on to the immobility. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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