Mama Cat Becomes ‘Mama Bear’ When 3 Dogs Go After Her Kitten

Mothers have a protective nature. Nothing in this world is comparable to her love. It’s not just us humans that are fortunate for this powerful support. The animal kingdom is equally filled with momager that guards around their babies day and night.

Any mothers watching this video can totally relate to the defensive nature of this feline. This proof of the fearless mother comes all the way from a Turkish jewelry shop. Initially, we witness a bunch of dogs surrounding a kitten. Although the adorable baby tries her best to defend herself. It doesn’t take long for the animal to realize it’s outnumbered. The canines close in on the baby.

Out of nowhere, the supermom comes flying, ready to take over. The dauntless cat is not ready to give the highchair to anyone. She scares three giant dogs in no time. Moreover, that’s not all. The feline has locked her target. So, she chases the canines and even follows after for a double-check. That’s motherly instinct, right?

For kids out there, it may feel like nagging if your mother is too defensive. Bu honey, you need to remember there is no such word as too protective in your mom’s dictionary. If she has intuition, it’s possibly right. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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