Elvis Presley needs no introduction. He is simply the king of rock and roll! Everyone knows his songs like “Can’t help falling in love” and “Jailhouse Rock.” But over the years, he has done covers of other artists’ music as well. And this rare rehearsal footage of a medley with one of his songs just surfaced!

“Littles Sister” is one of those songs that went on to go on each of his live show setlists over the years. Moreover, he even sang this in his last ever performance! However, for his first-ever live playing of it, he did a medley of it with The Beatles’ song “Get Back.”

elvis little sister

Elvis’ first live performance of the fusion medley on his Midnight show. But its conception was done a few weeks prior on 29 July 1970 in MGM Studio, Culver Creek, California. In the sit-down play, he fuses both songs into a seamless mix. Furthermore, the song choice accentuates his deep voice. You won’t be able to stop tapping your feet! Watch it below:

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