Rescuers Give Abused Dog The Best Day Of Her Life – Her Reaction is Pure Gold

Animal abuse is really common in our world. And unfortunately, most of the time the culprits go unpunished. The video below features one of the worst cases I have ever seen before–it’s literally hard to even watch.

This video shares the story of Caitlyn, a Staffie-mix who was found with her muzzle taped shut with electrical tape. This tape rendered the poor dog unable to eat, drink, or even breathe properly.

After Caitlyn was rescued, she became an ambassador against animal cruelty everywhere. Thankfully, she had recovery in time. Caitlyn was provided with a bone by the city of Charleston, a box of balls, and many toys and treats as well.

And this amazing dog deserved it all! She suffered a lot in the past, its time we made it right for her! Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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