Classmates bully a girl for her race, until this stranger jumps in to shut them up.

Even in the 21st century, it’s hard to believe some people feel like it’s okay to spread negativity. Somehow people have made it their business to circulate all the hate they have. Especially when it comes to children, bullying and discrimination is a common thing. And this is exactly what we get to see in the video below.

The team of “What Would You Do?” hire four child-actors so they could capture the raw and real emotions of people nearby. Here, the actors are all sitting in a restaurant having lunch. The big difference, however, is in the color of their skins. One set of friends include two Caucasian kids, and the other one includes a Caucasian boy and an African-American girl.

customer calling out

The white boy and the black girl are minding their own business, the other two start bullying the girl. They verbally attack her for being black and try to convince the boy not to be friends with her. All because the color of her skin doesn’t match his. Since it all goes down in a public place, we get to see live reactions from the customers at the restaurant. While most people of Alabama, where the whole scene takes place, are considered racist, the video shows otherwise. In the video, we see how much it bothers people when they see the two kids bullying the black girl for no reason. Most people come up to the table where the child-actors are sitting and try to confront the bullies. Some decide to console the little girl from their table. One man even pays for the children’s meal.

But, what the customers don’t know is that there are hidden cameras and it is only an experiment to find out the real reactions of people when bullying takes place around them. This experiment took place after a news article of a 9-year-old African-American girl killing herself as a result of bullying went viral. WATCH the video to see the full reaction of people standing up against bullying.

The lesson we need to learn is that our behavior makes a significant impact on everyone’s lives. If we teach our children from an early age how to behave appropriately and be empathetic, the world automatically becomes a better place for everyone to live in.

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