Mom Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Her Dogs Do While She’s Away

Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you’re not home? I’ve always assumed that my little pooch would miss me and stand by the window until he heard my voice. Then he’ll bolt out the front door.

But, instead of waiting, he spends his entire day on his “me time,” as I discovered one day. When I arrived home early, I found him comfortably lounging on my bed, unconcerned about the rest of the world! And he is well aware that my bedroom is a no-no. The moment he saw me, he jumped right out of the bed and into the floor. And he’s not the only one!


Take a look at these bulldogs and how they spend their day alone…

Elvis and Khaleesi, who had no idea their owner had installed a camera in their lounging area, were victims of their own deception. The loving dog mom wanted to keep an eye on her pups while she was at work, so she installed a hidden camera in the living room to see what her pups were up to. As usual, she left the TV on for them to watch.

Soon, she realised it was a big mistake… Watch the full video here:

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