They Saw This at the Bottom of the Pool, Take a Look at These Dog’s Mission to Get It Back

We all know how loyal dogs actually are. They obediently follow you around and we often suppose that these cute creatures are clueless about what’s going on around them. But did you know that it is us that are being fooled? Dogs are super smart creatures, but they only show that side when they want to. And most of the time, it is to either get a treat or a toy!

The following video features a pair of adorable bulldogs who are on a mission. When their owner lets them out of the house, they immediately go towards the pool. But they are not really there for a swim. They want their favorite toy, a tire, and they will do anything to get it! A little water was not going to keep them from their best toy! They had great teamwork to get it out too!

Nice bulldogs Teamwork gets tire from pool 1-6 screenshot

Watch the video below! Aren’t they smart? Let us know if your dog does anything similar in the video below!

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